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10 Reasons to buy a Holiday Home

Our latest post highlights the benefits of Holiday Home Ownership in the UK.

Obviously we’re going to be (a little) biased for this one but for those of you who may never have considered Holiday Home Ownership it’s a pretty compelling argument.


1. Having a hassle-free holiday

Nobody likes being stuck in crowded or overpriced airports, putting up with cancelled flights or unsuitable accommodation. The small details such as overseas insurance, transfers or setting aside holiday money can soon add up to become more hassle in our busy lives. Luckily, if you have a Holiday Home in the UK, you won’t have to put up with any of it. Once you’ve bought the home, that stress can all be a thing of the past.

2. Time in a great location

There’s nothing better than spending time in an area you love, exploring the culture, activities, food and attractions, going for long walks or even just pottering about.

3. Holidays on demand

A Holiday Home is yours to use at any time when you so choose, and if you buy somewhere closer to home a last minute escape is always an option.

4. Your escape, your way

When you have a Holiday Home of your own, there’s no need to constantly bring all of your stuff back and forth each time you want to have a break and you can personalise your space to suit your tastes. Spend less time packing and more time relaxing. Everything is right where you left it.

5. Time with the family

Buying a Holiday Home is an investment in your family, not just a financial investment. Giving your family fond memories of time spent with each other is priceless.


6. The dog can come with you

If you have a Holiday Home in the UK it’s easy to take the dog, so none of the family have to be left behind. We allow Owners to bring up to 2 dogs per visit.

7. De-stressing is good for you

The perfect time to unwind and de-stress is while you’re on a holiday, away from the problems of daily life. If you stay in the UK, you don’t need to worry about aspects of local life and travel you’re unfamiliar with, and potentially there’s less to go wrong. Avoid stress and stay in the UK.

8 Have a tech-break

It’s hard to put phones down and turn the TV off at home, but when you arrive at your Holiday Home it can be your conscious choice to detox from technology, if you want it to be.

9. An investment opportunity

If you’re happy to sublet, you could consider the subletting scheme offered by Ladram Bay Holiday Park. The remuneration made from this scheme can certainly help pay toward your site fees and annual expenses. 

10. Treat yourself

Most of us occasionally also need a little space from time to time, to rest, recharge our batteries and return to our jobs and families healthy, happy and energised. Having you own escape in case you need a bit of peace and quiet can keep you in better shape both mentally and physically so it’s not necessarily totally indulgent, it’s common sense too.

Considering Holiday Home Ownership at Ladram Bay Holiday Park? We’ve a sensational selection of Brand new and Pre-loved Holiday Homes waiting for your perusal. Simply pop into our Sales Showground or call our friendly team on 01395 568761 to book your park tour. We look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous 5-star park.

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