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Things to do on Ladram beach

In recent years we’ve made several new additions to our beach facilities aimed at pleasing kids & big kids alike. So if you’re new to Ladram Bay or haven’t visited in several years, the following post covers things to do whilst on the beach, allowing you to make the most of your family getaway.

You’ve just arrived at Ladram Bay, checked-in, ticked off the essentials shopping list & got your uniform inflatable primed. Firstly take a minute to appreciate your amazing parenting skills & then think about your next port of call, the beach.

Use the bullet points (below) to navigate directly to a particular beach based activity. Should it take your fancy, simply click on it to skip to that section.

  • Paddle board hire
  • Kayak hire
  • Motor boat hire
  • Freshly caught seafood
  • Rockpooling at Ladram


Paddle board hire…

The relatively calm waters of the bay make Ladram an excellent place to try your hand (& balancing skills) at paddle boarding in East Devon. This activity is suitable for competent swimmers only.

Cost: Paddle boards can be hired directly on the beach & cost £15 for an hour.


Kayaking hire…

Our stunning stretch of Jurassic Coast is best appreciated from sea & we can think of few better (or more gratifying) ways to take in the scenery than paddling out on a kayak.

Cost: Single person kayaks can be hired on the beach & cost £12.50 per hour. Double kayaks cost £18 per hour.



Motor boat hire…

Whether your feeling like a lucky fisherman or want to take the children on a maritime adventure, Ladram Bay have motor boats for hire throughout the season. Please note boat hire is weather dependent.

Cost: Motor boats can be hired from the beach & cost £35 for 1 hour, £60 for 2 hours and £90 for 4 hours.


Freshly caught seafood…

Ladram Bay have several (very) seasoned fishermen & being situated by the ocean means we can offer some seriously fresh seafood for guests to cook up. If you are staying with us please ask a member of staff on the beach for quantities & availability – our fishermen might be good but they can’t predict what will be caught!


Rock pooling at Ladram

Ladram Bay provides the perfect rock pooling environment to bring out the zoologist in each of us & is best experienced when the weather is calm & dry as the rock pools will be still and therefore easier to spot creatures.

As rock pooling is one of our favourite things to do at Ladram check out our top tips on our dedicated blog post. Within our ‘guide to rock pooling in East Devon‘ we outline when to go, where to look & what you can expect to find.


If you’re lucky enough to find a pipefish, crab or starfish remember to return all creatures back to the area you found them.

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