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The Ladram Bay Fishing Guide

There are plenty of seasoned fishermen in the Ladram Bay team so we thought that we would share their local knowledge. Here we’ve put together a guide that any budding angler might need to know before they cast their lines off our famous pebbled beach.

What you can catch:

For anyone wondering what they can expect to land at Ladram Bay here are a few of the potential catches: bass, mackerel, conger eels, plaice, pout whiting, wrasse, dogfish and pollock.


Obviously attaching the tag ‘prized fish’ to any catch carries a certain degree of subjectivity but landing a bass will earn instant admiration amongst your angling peers. Any anglers we asked also put mackerel and conger eel on their list of preferable catches.

The weather:

The weather effects the way fish behave and subsequently what you can expect to catch. Bass are generally easier to catch in stormy seas, while mackerel are better on a clear day during a high tide.


Fish can be caught around the clock making it a great activity for any nocturnal types, if you’re a beginner its probably best to start off in the daytime for obvious reasons.

Record breakers

In 2014 one lucky angler landed an 8¼ pound bass – we have the photo to prove it too.

Man with a big bass at Ladram Bay

Mythical Sea Creatures

Shortly after this record-breaking bass was landed, an unnamed local source claims to have landed a mermaid at Ladram Bay however due to their catch and release ethos there is no evidence to back this story up!

Even if you don’t have a day of tight lines your experience can still be special. In the autumn of 2014 a pod of dolphins paid a visit to Ladram Bay, apparently they weren’t shy at all as they swam alongside the fishing boat – they obviously didn’t try and catch them!

fishing boat with dolphins

Ladram provides a very picturesque fishing location but in East Devon we are fortunate to have numerous locations that are great for fishing, these include; the mouth of the River Otter, the beach of Budleigh Salterton and Littleham Cove in Exmouth. We’ve put together an interactive map so you can spend less time sussing out locations and more time casting lines.

When it comes to equipment anglers generally have their own particular setup. For those new to fishing its best to ask our helpful team at the Seaview Shack. Now you have the knowledge, all that remains is to go and catch something, but just before you head out bear in mind the local saying ‘fish don’t bite so well in the east wind’.

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