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Swimming Tips for Beginners

Ever keen to lend a helping paw, our very own in house swimming expert Ozzie the Otter chipped in to give us some of his swimming tips.

Whilst he is not actually allowed in the Ladram Bay swimming pool his years of experience on the River Otter make his advice partially credible.

How to swim in a straight line

Who wants to zig-zag their way through a swimming pool? Positioning your head is key to swimming straight, if you move your head from side to side you will throw yourself off balance – and disorientate yourself in the process.

Ensure that your hands enter the water evenly. Imagine each side of your body mirroring the other, this will ensure that your strokes (breast stoke or front crawl) are even and consistent.

Avoiding misty goggles

When swimming with Goggles squint slightly, this will let allow little bit of water to seep in and will keep your vision fog-free.

Avoiding foot cramp when swimming

Cramp generally occurs when muscles are tired or overused. Drink plenty of water (with electrolytes) and remember to warm up and warm down before and after swimming.

Swimming Tips: Improving your front crawl

Try and keep your body position flat, this will streamline your body creating less drag. If you’re still learning, try putting a float between your thighs – this will allow you to maintain a flat position with minimal effort. Keep your head and back relaxed; your shoulders (and to a lesser extent hips) should be generating the momentum that pushes you forward.

  • Keep your elbow slightly bent as your hand reaches in front of your body.
  • Your hand should be entering the water in line with the palm facing down and the thumb should be the first part of your hand that enters the water.
  • Once your hand is in the water do not instantly pull, give yourself extra room to reach forward and then bring your hand back towards your hips.
  • Only bring your arm out of the water once it reaches your leg.  (repeat)

Happy splashing!



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