Camping holidays can be a great way to embrace the outdoors, be at one with nature and bond with your family; but while it’s the campers’ dream to leave behind work, daily routines and creature comforts, some diligent preparation will make that summer getaway all the more enjoyable.

We’ve collated our top 10 most useful camping hacks, so you won’t need to learn from your own mistakes:

  1. Try placing rosemary over your BBQs coals just before the meat goes on, you’ll add flavour to the meat and your clothes will smell better too!
  2. Strap your head torch to an empty milk carton to create a lantern in your tent.
  3. Save weight and backpack space by using antibiotics packs instead of tubes of full; toothpaste, moisturizer, hair gel and pretty much anything else you wish to bring, with the exception of aftershave .
  4. You don’t need to bring speakers camping, just use a phone in a ceramic mug and you’ll have amplified sound – just be sure not to disturb any neighbouring campers.
  5. Being bitten on BBQ duty? Simply throw some sage on the coals every now and then to help keep them at bay, but don’t burn all your sage as you might need to for cooking.
  6. Save your old packs of tic tacs, they make great spice storage whilst camping.
  7. If the British weather is making your camping trip a tad cold, try sleeping with your clothes for the next day in your sleeping bag, we can promise they will be crease-free, but they’ll be warm.
  8. If rain is hampering lighting your BBQ, try using Doritos as kindling as they make a great substitute for firelighters, whilst encouraging healthier eating!
  9. We hope you won’t need to wear gloves whilst camping at Ladram, but if you do try attaching a keyring around your tents zips for easier access & less gloves on/gloves off.
  10. If you’re using matches whilst ensure you buy strike-anywhere matches, then in order to British weather proof them, dip the sulphur end in wax and store in a water-tight prescription bottle.

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